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I am very lucky to have such a wonderful photographer as Sharon King. She has always done a fantastic job with my two girls. Super patient and the girls both love her! So as a smallish token of my appreciation I made her a few props…the baby pod from the last post, a cupcake hat (post coming soon), a newborn thick and thin hat (3 posts ago) and a mermaid set. She has a client due in 2 weeks with a girl so hopefully we will get some amazing pics of a little mermaid soon!



20120130-201501.jpg the pattern is by the amazing Jennifer of crochet by Jennifer.

We also got an impromptu valentines photo session in!





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Baby pod

I have a few patterns that I have been wanting to try but they are photography props and well, I am no photographer! I had a ton of brown super chunky yarn just lying around so I thought I would give a baby pod pattern a try. It was a super easy pattern to follow and only took an hour to make!



You can find the pattern here. Now all I need is a real photographer to take some pics with a baby in it!

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The Willow Hat

You will need…
“P” hook
Thick and thin yarn of your choice (mine was from Winding the Skein)
Tapestry needle
Ribbon of choice

Gauge: 9 st = 4 inches

I did this in the round (did not join) but you can join if you feel more comfortable)

Magic ring, 7 sc inside (7 sc)
Row1: 2 sc in each sc (14 sc)
Row2: 1 sc, 2 sc, repeat around (21 sc)
Row3: sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc, repeat around. (24 sc)
Row4-10: sc around (24 sc)
Fasten off and weave in all tails.
Cut your ribbon strips to the length you want (mine were 30 inches) fold in half and attach to the sides of the hat.
And your done!


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I follow tons of crochet type shops on Facebook and one was doing a giveaway for some handspun merino thick and thin yarn…it was beautiful yarn but also very expensive yarn. Well last week I splurged and finally purchased some. It was love at first sight! The yarn was so soft and had soft hints of grey, blue, and white. I had never used this type of yarn before so I bought myself a new pattern (actually 3, I have a few addictions when it comes to crochet) but I wasn’t thrilled with how it was turning out so I did my own. I love how it turned out!


I will definitely be ordering some more yarn from Winding the Skein


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Owls seem to be the popular animal this year and I can definitely see why! My cousin Aubrey recently turned the big 1-0 and I wanted to make her something with owls (she LOVES owls, used to monkeys but is now owls…) so in one of my nights scouring the internet for ideas I found this super adorable owl amigurumi from Fresh Stitches. The pattern was used with a wool yarn but I love cotton yarn for something meant to be snuggled. So here she is…

I made Aubrey an owl ear flap hat for her birthday last year but it unfortunately was lost on a trip to the science center (she blaims her sister on that one!). Here is her new hat…exactly like the old one.


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If you have not checked out Crochet by Jennifer yet you need to do so! She has some super cute patterns available (most are not for beginners though). She was ever so kind to send me her Katrina Cloche pattern for me to try. I love it, one of my favorites! I made one the same day and after I posted a picture of it on Facebook, had my first order for it. Here is my first attempt (3-6 month)

And here is the one I made for a customer

20120113-231658.jpg. I have a few more test hats to post this week so check back soon!

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Baby bobbles blankie

A few weeks ago I was searching through patterns online, looking for nothing in particular, I stumbled across this beautiful baby blanket. It was not your typical baby blanket, bright colors and bobbled…that’s right bobbled! Now bobbles make for great texture in crochet but they are very time consuming and hard on the ole’ hands. I immediately decided I would be headed to Joann Fabrics to get the yarn. It uses a lot of yarn and the specific yarn she used (Lion Brand Cotton-ease) is rather expensive. I am about half way done with it. You can find the pattern here


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