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Borax snowflakes

Pintrest has been my latest obsession! We have found quite a few crafts on there. I found these adorable snowflake ornaments and we had to make them! You can find the directions at deliacreates.blogspot.com. Super super easy to make…mix borax in boiling water then put your pipe cleaner design in overnight. (please excuse my picture quality…I am a terrible photographer)




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We did this craft right before thanksgiving, not the best time for this craft but they saw the birdhouses at Joann’s and had to have them.

All you need…
Small wooden birdhouse ($1 a Joann Fabrics)

washable paints ($1 each at Joann Fabrics) if you do crafts a lot I suggest buying the small bottles rather than the strips of paints, they tend to be dry

Paintbrushes (I got mine at the dollar store)

Styrofoam plate

Plastic bag

A smock, old shirt, or strip them naked

I taped the plastic bag to my diningroom table (way too cold to go outside here) so my little sweeties did not paint my table. You may want to keep a wet paper towel handy just in case. They each picked out their colors and I put a small portion of each color on the styrofoam plate. Gave them their birdhouses and let them loose! We let them dry overnight. In the spring we will fill them with bird seed and hang them out on our porch.
This was a super easy and inexpensive craft and the girls loved it!





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