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Mr. Bear

Meet Mr. Bear…


He is our newest stuffy in the shop! Mr. Bear is a huge baseball fan and happens to be supporting the buccos in this picture! Not a pirates fan? (don’t worry, you’re not alone!) Mr. Bear has a hat for any team! Not only can Mr. Bear wear your favorite team’s hat but he changes his bow tie to match.

Mr. Bear will make his debut in the shop soon, so stay tuned!


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This adorable lion needs a name and in the LuLu Beans world that means a contest!
Go to our fb page and comment your suggestion under either of the pictures of the lion. LuLu and Beans will choose their favorite on Tuesday evening.
The lucky winner will get a 50% off coupon for any LuLu Beans product!

Good Luck!


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Petunia polar bear

I have been off of here for so long! I need to pay better attention to my crafts!

So a few months ago I had a friend ask me to make a bear for a baby shower so I went to one of my favorite sites and found an adorable polar bear pattern. When I finished my first Petunia Polar Bear she looked more like a Half pig half bear… So I made a couple changes and presto! Petunia was born! I have since made three more bears and with three more in the future! Here is the most recent one I made. This one is headed to baby Manal <;3

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Owls seem to be the popular animal this year and I can definitely see why! My cousin Aubrey recently turned the big 1-0 and I wanted to make her something with owls (she LOVES owls, used to monkeys but is now owls…) so in one of my nights scouring the internet for ideas I found this super adorable owl amigurumi from Fresh Stitches. The pattern was used with a wool yarn but I love cotton yarn for something meant to be snuggled. So here she is…

I made Aubrey an owl ear flap hat for her birthday last year but it unfortunately was lost on a trip to the science center (she blaims her sister on that one!). Here is her new hat…exactly like the old one.


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