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My Disney addiction

First off… I need to pay more attention to the blog, we have done a few crafts since I have been here last that I new to get on here!

Secondly… I added a Disney section of the blog. I am HUGE Disney addict! We are headed to the world in December and I am gonna share a Disney post every week (someone please hold me to it!) until we get back. And to be honest I may continue it after we get back. I can never have too much Disney!

So onto Disney week 1!


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Borax snowflakes

Pintrest has been my latest obsession! We have found quite a few crafts on there. I found these adorable snowflake ornaments and we had to make them! You can find the directions at deliacreates.blogspot.com. Super super easy to make…mix borax in boiling water then put your pipe cleaner design in overnight. (please excuse my picture quality…I am a terrible photographer)



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