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My Disney addiction

First off… I need to pay more attention to the blog, we have done a few crafts since I have been here last that I new to get on here!

Secondly… I added a Disney section of the blog. I am HUGE Disney addict! We are headed to the world in December and I am gonna share a Disney post every week (someone please hold me to it!) until we get back. And to be honest I may continue it after we get back. I can never have too much Disney!

So onto Disney week 1!


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Petunia polar bear

I have been off of here for so long! I need to pay better attention to my crafts!

So a few months ago I had a friend ask me to make a bear for a baby shower so I went to one of my favorite sites and found an adorable polar bear pattern. When I finished my first Petunia Polar Bear she looked more like a Half pig half bear… So I made a couple changes and presto! Petunia was born! I have since made three more bears and with three more in the future! Here is the most recent one I made. This one is headed to baby Manal <;3

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