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Disney Week 1

So we love Disney. We frequent Disney like other families frequent the grocery store… Ok, so not that much but a ton! We are a good 17 hour drive from the happiest place on earth but we still manage to get our butts there several times a year. In 2011, we were there 4 times! Our next trip is scheduled for December 7-17 but I wanted to make this trip extra special for my girls. Every are those Disney commercials when the parents surprise their kids at the airport and the kids scream? Well, I want my kids to be that excited but going to Disney is just another vacation… Exciting but not THAT excited. So I have come up with some ways to make this trip extra special. So as of now they do not know we are going!

Princess Tiana’s Royal Guest Suites. You can see pictures of these rooms on the Disney website or by going to Port Orleans site. Everything in Disney has a story behind it and these rooms are no different…
Princess Tiana has invited all her princess friends to stay in her new royal guest rooms. While there, the princesses each leave a special momento in the room.

The headboards are fiber optics! Fireworks over the Louisiana bayou (based on the movie The Princess and the Frog). Push a button and the fireworks show goes for 2 minutes. The sink is genies lamp from Aladdin and Princess Jasmine and the bench is the “dog” from Beast and Belle, just to name a couple. Plus many pictures of all the princes and princesses. So stop on by the Disney site and take a look at all the amazing resorts and rooms they have!!



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